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Ive never had an injury this severe before but Chase Johnson was there to help me recover. He is a great and knowledgeable PT.

- Mark jordan

Tamara Drexler discusses her experience with Dr. Volpini

A Dr Britt and Dr Burney patient discusses her experience with OSD

Knee Replacement - Patient Testimonial

Knee and Shoulder - Patient Testimonial

Could not be more impressed or thankful for the staff of Orthopedic Specialists of Rockwall. Very professional, clean and prompt. Dr. Zavala is outstanding. The office manager is wonderful. 100% satisifactory.

- Chelsy

I started seeing Dr Patel back in March he was really great stayed on my butt a lot though but I needed it because I walked on my foot after I broke it it’s only stayed off of it 3 I’m he was really surprised when I came in for my first appointment and I was driving so I walked on the hardware and Bennett then it was going into my leg and then I had surgery again to take out the hardware Dr Patel did awesome job he has awesome manner with his patients and he will do just about anything for you if you listen to him I just want to say thank you to Dr Patel because he was awesome and I won’t get to see him no more because of other difficulties but I definitely recommend him.

- Stephanie D

Dr. Volpini did the surgery on my shoulder in May 2018 and after all of the horror stories I had heard about the amount of pain I would go thru I was very nervous, however, I had little to none and was taken good care of. The same goes to the physical therapy part with Victor Moya. Very good organization and people.

- Judy N

Total Hip Replacement


In 2016, Dr. Burney was recommended to me and I have been so pleased with my outcome. I have had both knees replaced and doing great. My muscle are strong and I am able to stay active. Thank you Dr. Burney for getting me back to being active again!

- Priscilla

Dr. Volpini, Rockwall clinic. Was my doctor. Super knowledgeable, and caring. Thanks to him I'm walking like a champ!

- Nelda

Kelly Payette with Doctor

I am thrilled at my 6 week check up from my minimally invasive bilateral hip replacement surgery! I am recovering according to schedule and headed back to work....walking normally...after having both of my hips replaced. Thank you Dr. Burney and your team for taking great care of me and getting me back to living pain free in my hips!!

- Kelly P

Dr. Burney is fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased with the level of care. He preformed surgery on a broken bone. He is professional and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Terri K

Dr. Zavala and his staff are knowledgeable, professional, and efficient yet personable; a perfect combination to make you feel like you?re one of the family AND receiving the top-notch medical care you need. From first visit consultation through post-op check-ups Dr. Zavala and Bob are thorough, ensuring complete understanding of your specific situation; honest, providing all options and alternatives (including non-surgical options); and caring, listening to your opinions and concerns. Dr. Zavala and his team are proven professionals and my first choice Orthopaedic Specialist team! Thank you Dr. Zavala, Bob and team!

- Rachael B

I was referred to Dr. Burney last year when I broke my wrist. I thought it was just a small break, but turned out that several bones in my wrist were broken. I play piano every day and Dr. Burney took special care to ease my concern. The surgery was a success and I still play every day. 1 year after that, I fractured my knee badly. I immediately told the ER doctor that I would need to go to Dr. Burney. Dr. Burney was awesome again. His care, concern and skill are exceptional. He knew it was important for me to have surgery as soon as possible, so he stayed late to perform my surgery. He always greets me with a smile and caring hug! I would recommend Dr. Burney to anyone who needs an excellent surgeon who is always caring and compassionate!

- Leah C

I saw Dr. Burney a few months ago for severe knee pain. He listened to me, he reviewed my MRI and then actually showed me the MRI images and exactly what my knee problems were and why a total knee replacement would be necessary. He understood I would need time before getting surgery and he recommended the Supartz injections so that I might be able to buy some time before I had surgery. I was eager to try. Needless to say I was nervous at that first injection appointment but I can tell you it went well. Jeff, the P.A. put me at ease right away and I must say he is an expert at these injections. I had a course of 3 weekly injections. It?s now about 4 weeks since my last injection and I have waited to write this review so that I could give this treatment time to develop. I have to say the pain in my knee has been reduced at least 40%. I am able to work (on my feet) all day without limping like I was, and am able to come home without crying from the pain and inflammation! It?s even less painful to walk up and down stairs. I give these injections a thumbs up. This series of injections went very smoothly. I also want to thank the office staff for their good efforts, caring and customer service! I know I am in the right place.

- Kathy W

Dr. Zavala is an amazing doctor with great professionalism and talent. He has gone over and beyond and with the help of his assistant Bob has dealt with my fears and questions in a manner I have never experienced in a practice before. My confidence in Dr. Zavala and Bob is priceless to me. I do, and will continue to let everyone I know that this is the place to go for complete care! Dr. Zavala and Bob you ROCK! Many blessings and extreme gratitude for you both!! You both have made a difference in my life! Thank you!

- Cindy M

I was really pleased with my first visit to Dr. Zavala!! His office staff were very friendly and efficient. I was only in the waiting room about 3 or 4 mins. before being taken back. The X-ray tech. was sweet and quick. His assistant was so friendly and enjoyable. Then Dr. Zavala was a really upbeat and personable guy! He was great to explain and answer all the questions I asked and explained the options I had and he knew well what the restrictions of my insurance were. Over all it was a wonderful experience!

- Nola F

I went to visit Dr. Burney for a second opinion on my shoulder. I will never forget the wonderful office staff that greeted me. Dr. Burney's assistant, Jeff, came in to see me first and then Dr. Burney came in. Dr. Burney came in with a big smile and a hug and said I'm so glad to meet you and I'm going to help you with your shoulder. My second opinion was exactly what I needed. I didn't even need the surgery that that other physician said I needed. You can guess from this that I went with Dr. Burney for the surgery that was needed. Never have I been so happy as I am with him. I even sent my neighbor to him. His attitude and bedside manner is more than I've ever seen in a doctor. Thank you to his whole staff for the care I've received. You just need to meet him and Jeff, and from there you will experience what I've gone through. You won't be sorry....I drive from Greenville to Rockwall to see Dr. Burney, oh, but it is so worth the drive. Thanks for the care I received. If I ever need an Ortho doctor again, I will return to see Dr. Burney with no hesitation.

- Barbara K

I was fortunate that Dr. Burney was selected by the E.R. staff to be my doctor. My right ankle was broken in multiple locations, and this wonderful doctor put all the pieces back together. We recently moved to Rockwall and didn't know any doctors. Needless to say, I was very apprehensive until Dr. Burney's visit in pre-op. He was so kind and caring I was put at ease immediately. I will recommend him and his wonderful staff to any one in need of a great orthopaedic surgeon!

- Victor F

My primary doctor introduced me to Dr. Burney. I had knee replacement surgery and have done great, he is the best.

- Betty

I was introduced to Dr. Burney by my primary physician. The 1st knee was done 2 yrs ago, the 2nd in January of this year. The past few months have been worth it, knowing once the pt was done, I would be able to walk and live a normal life, without pain. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is trying to decide.

- Alice J

One year ago this June Dr. Burney replace both my knees. Everything was perfect. His before operation consultation was open and honest and made me feel I was in competent hands. The staff was very supportive. The operation itself went off without any complications and his follow up was assuring. The rehab although somewhat painful the group of rehab professionals (RHB) he sent me to where great. I was on the golf course in 8 weeks and now I feel like a new man. I would recommend Dr. Burney always without hesitation.

- Bill A

I had my first Knee Replacement three years ago with Dr. Burney. It was so successful I just had my other one done two months ago. I am totally pain free and I am enjoying life again. The surgery and re-hab are hard but it is so worth the reward. Dr. Burney is an excellent Doctor and makes you feel so confident in his abilities. His re-hab team is unequalled in their work to get you back on track. I was up and going in a month. I went to New York last week and had no trouble getting up and down in the subway and doing anything I wanted. I would highly recommend Dr. Burney and his team, they are the best.

- Donna J

Dr. Zavala performed emergency surgery on my ankle after a car accident. He gives definition to "luck of the draw" because I feel very fortunate that he was on call that night. He pieced my ankle back together and was very hands-on in my recuperative process. His honesty, coupled with his down to earth manner, gave me clear direction in knowing not only how long it would take my injury to heal, but things that I should expect along the way. I highly recommend Dr. Zavala to anyone needing an orthopedic specialist.

- Carol M

For weeks I had a burning sensation deep within my knee. After realizing time wasnt going to heal my symptoms or concern, I was referred to Dr. Burney. Dr. Burney and his friendly staff put me at ease from the moment we met. After six week and without surgery, I am happy to say that my knee is back to 100%. I contribute my quick recovery to an accurate diagnosis and sound treatment plan. Thanks again Dr. Burney!

- Kyle L

Dr. Burney and his staff have been wonderful ! I have had a total knee replacement 2 weeks ago today. I have had a very good experience and feel the extra care given by Dr. Burney's staff was excellent. I will continue physical therapy for the next 6-8 weeks recommended by Dr. Burney. His qualified staff members Navaid and Johnathan were very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Burney for anyone in need of an excellent surgeon.

- Pat L

Dr. Burney and his staff are caring and professional! They took great care of me and best of all, my hip is SO much better since surgery! I would recommend Dr. Burney highly to any person that needs orthopedic surgery!

- Rod B

Dr. Burney and his staff exceeded my expectations. Before my surgery, I was in constant pain and could barely walk. After my hip was replaced, the pain was gone! From surgery through therapy, they have given me my life back. Thank you just isn’t enough!!

- Joyce P