Hip Replacement

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Hip Replacement

About Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery can change your life. At Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas in Rockwall, Wylie, Forney, and Terrell, Texas, the highly skilled team of orthopaedic surgeons use the latest tools and techniques when performing hip replacement procedures so you get the best possible outcomes. Call the office nearest you today or use the online booking button to schedule your hip replacement consultation.

Hip Replacement Q & A

I have hip pain. When should I consider hip replacement?

You may want to consider hip replacement if medications and physical therapy no longer relieve your chronic hip pain, making it hard to take care of yourself. 

The experts at Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas conduct thorough evaluations when you come in with hip pain to determine the best treatment. The team may suggest hip replacement surgery if you have chronic hip pain from arthritis or an injury. 

They also perform hip replacement to treat osteonecrosis, an injury that cuts off blood supply to the hip pain, resulting in bone tissue death.

What are some of the types of hip replacement procedures?

The specialists at Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas use the latest tools and techniques when performing hip replacement. 

Examples of hip replacement procedures include:

Total hip replacement (THR)

The hip is a ball and socket joint that connects the femur to the pelvis. During THR, your surgeon at Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas removes the damaged cartilage and bone and replaces it with artificial components.

Revision hip replacement (RHR)

If you had hip replacement surgery and your artificial components are wearing out, you may need RHR. RHR is a complex surgical procedure that involves removing some or all of the artificial joint components and replacing them with new prosthetic pieces.

Minimally invasive hip replacement

When feasible, the surgeons at Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas perform hip replacement surgery using minimally invasive techniques to reduce tissue damage and recovery time. 

Computer-assisted hip replacement

Computer-assisted surgery (CAS) is one of the latest techniques available for hip replacement. During computer-assisted hip replacement, the orthopaedic surgeons use computer technology and high-definition imaging to assist in positioning the prosthetic pieces, improving placement and fit. 

What can I expect during recovery from hip replacement?

Recovery following hip replacement depends on many factors, including the complexity of the procedure and your overall health. The team at Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas explains what you can expect during recovery at your presurgical consultation.

Adhering to the recovery guidelines following hip replacement may help speed up recovery. You may resume light activities within three to six weeks, but full recovery can take up to a year. 

You work with the physical therapy team at Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas to support your recovery.

Call Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas today or use the online booking button to schedule a hip replacement consultation.