Knee Replacement

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Knee Replacement

About Knee Replacement

Knee osteoarthritis is a significant problem, particularly when it makes walking or getting up the steps hard. Many people try conservative treatments, but they don’t always work, which is why the Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas team offers total and partial knee replacements. Located in Rockwall, Forney, Wylie, and Terrell, Texas, the practice boasts 25 orthopaedic specialists with experience with different knee replacements to give their patients with osteoarthritis their lives back. Call one of the conveniently located offices today for an appointment, or request a consultation on the website.


Knee Replacement Q & A

Who needs a knee replacement? 

A knee replacement is a surgical procedure where the team removes damaged areas of the knee joint and replaces them with prosthetic components. The goal of a knee replacement is to restore functionality in the knee.

Arthritis is the main reason people require a knee replacement. Osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis all cause damage to the protective lining of the knee joints.

However, not everyone with arthritis needs a knee replacement. People suffering from severe knee pain that limits their daily activities and haven’t received significant relief from other measures can usually benefit from a knee replacement.

People with knees highly damaged from previous injuries or ridden with arthritis are the best candidates for knee replacement surgery. 

The team offers partial and total knee replacements based on the amount of damage to the patient’s needs.

What happens during a knee replacement?

The patient is under anesthesia for the entire procedure during a knee replacement. The surgeon makes an incision at the knee and begins to cut down through the soft tissues until they reach the bone.

The surgeon then uses surgical tools to remove the damaged areas of the kneecap and surrounding structures. They clean up the area and smooth out all the bones to make room for the prosthetic.

At this point in the procedure, the surgeon measures the area to ensure they select the correct size prosthetic. They use surgical cement and screws to secure the prosthetic in place.

The surgeon then closes the incision, and the team takes you to the post-anesthesia care unit until you go to your room or go home. Physical therapy starts on the day of surgery to provide the patient with immediate movement to prevent stiffness and improve recovery.

How long does recovery take?

Recovery from a knee replacement isn’t always easy, but following the post-operative instructions is the best thing each patient can do for success.

The typical time to recover from a knee replacement is three to six months, with some taking almost a year to recover fully.

However, people who follow post-operative instructions and continue with physical therapy typically recover faster than those who don’t.

To make an appointment for a knee replacement, call the Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas today or request a consultation on the website.